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My book was started quite a few years back, forced on me by my wife Linda! I have led a very interesting life working with wildlife. From the zoo in Edinburgh, to Botswana with an animal catching outfit, South Africa on an ostrich farm. Then I helped built a crocodile farm, Was offered a position to manage a game farm, where there were 15 captive cheetahs. This was my first encounter with cheetahs and ended up being a 30 year love affair. I moved to de Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Center which I managed for 25 years. Helping to build it into the most successful cheetah breeding center in the world.
There has been quite an assortment of animals and people in my life who influenced me that deserve to be mentioned as being instrumental in helping me survive a real dream come true.
It starts at the beginning, when I was born and covers my journey through all of the above, I’ve added quite a few photographs from the early days to the present.

Everybody SIT
Everybody SIT

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